Julie St-Laurent

Residential and commercial real estate broker

Ranked among the top real estate brokers in North America, Julie Saint Laurent stands out for her dynamic, strong-willed personality. She obtained her real estate brokerage certification in 2001, her positive, contagious energy has captivated everyone who comes across her. She approaches each of her mandates with warmth and humanism.

An unparalleled communicator, Julie knows how to listen to her customers’ real needs, and pays detailed attention to the aspects that make properties stand out. They don’t call her “eagle eye” for nothing! With over 1,000 transactions under her belt, Julie knows exactly what makes buyers dream. Passionate about design and decoration, she has her finger on the pulse of the latest trends, and her know-how and humanity raise the bar in the profession.

Julie Saint Laurent combines experience in the art world with her day-to-day work as a broker. Hosting the TV show Agents doubles confirmed her place in the upper echelons of the industry, as have several other television projects since 1985.

Simplicity, determination and integrity sculpt Julie Saint Laurent’s real estate successes, and her authenticity fused with her human approach transform every transaction into a warm, easy and pleasant experience.



Jean-Marc has been in the sales business for 18 years and has managed a team of several employees. A man of conviction, patient and available, Jean-Marc is held in high esteem by all and captivates customers with his Belgian accent and panache. Julie often jokes that he’s her lawyer, because he always finds the right words and the best solutions. A real estate broker for 5 years, he has succeeded in serving a large and loyal clientele. Jean-Marc has become an outstanding colleague and Julie St Laurent’s best friend.

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